Wednesday, 14 October 2015

THINGS AS THEY ARE (or: how to accept process and progress)

Well. First things first, a hiatus of over one month (jeez) was never a part of any plan. I personally dislike it when bloggers start posts of apologising for their lack of posting - I mean, life happens, things happen, things fall apart, things prosper - because a blog is just a blog. Now, don't get me wrong, there are numerous people out there who treat their blog as their job (and rightly so! for a selected few it even is their main or sole source of income), but to me I feel more comfortable treating it as an outlet for ideas and thoughts, and then let the possible advantages of it career-wise remain secondary. What happened was I attempted to plan my blogging weeks in advance and do specific types of posts that supposedly drive more traffic to your blog - long story short, I got caught up in the idea of making my blog a business before I even had time to shape and polish the blog itself.

Bad idea.

So this post is me returning to the basics of blogging: sharing things I like and find interesting, as well as snippets from my life.

To kick things off, let's see what I've been up to lately via my Instagram (you can follow me @phraseologies here):
I've been:

  • working on my dissertation and been amazed at all the information and science us humans have actually put into words and conveyed to each other.
  • reading. a lot. mostly for university, a bit for leisure. I've particularly enjoyed 'the selfish gene' by r. dawkins, 'colourless tzukuru tazaki' by h. murakami and 'the martian' by andy weir (not pictured, review coming soon!)
  • drinking coffee. lots of coffee.
  • taking baths. consequently: spent loads of money in lush. lush is my kryptonite.
  • starting third year (!!! how did we get here) and been putting in roughly 6 hours of work 5 days a week to stay on top of the crazy amount of readings and research expected. (and surprisingly enjoyed it so much that I am now more or less completely set on doing a master's degree next year).
  • getting back into the swing of things.
Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the 'newness' that comes with fall.

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