Sunday, 6 September 2015


eat / burritos in all forms and shapes. typical oven dish-meals: mac&cheese, enchiladas, cannelloni, lancashire hot pot, moussaka.
drink / earl grey with milk. copious pots of Atkinson's 'honey bush' tea. <3 cappuccinos.
become better at  / praising and complementing others in real life. it's so easy online, so why not try and transfer that into real life?
learn  / my goal is to be able to have a very basic conversation with my boyfriend in German. I'm also wanting to learn to read notes.
try  / yoga. re-learning indesign.
play  / handball.
finish  / all essays and coursework at least two days before their deadlines, so that I can take a day off before coming back to re-read and edit. it honestly makes such a difference.
read  / lots. I have about 3 novels/week to get through for university, and then there's leisure reads on top of that. at the moment I'm mostly excited for Margaret Atwood's new novel in October.
remember  / that it always gets better. that things are never as bad as they seem. to be more grateful for everything around me.
wear  / bold lipsticks. my trusty trenchcoat. keep working on my capsule wardrobe (post on this coming soon!) so that eventually there is (hopefully) not a single day where I have nothing to wear.
bake  / tray bakes. in all shapes and flavours. coconut&blackcurrant, caramel shortbread, peanut butter shortbread. also want to try to replicate the most amazing, moist chocolate cake with raspberry&cream filling and topping I had at a café in town a few weeks back.
work  / after lists, efficiently, and hopefully within some sort of set work-hours.
travel  / home for christmas (<3). hopefully on a weekend-break to edinburgh. to birmingham to visit friends. to austria to visit my boyfriend's family.

This list has been borrowed and translated from mariell/hjartesmil. 

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