Monday, 7 September 2015


Photo is courtesy of That Grace Girl and is linked through to source.

So here we go again. Albeit one day after schedule, but nevertheless here: my weekly ode to nice things that has happened on the internet.
  1. Meg Biram shared her 2015 Reading List Update  and it's just such a nice read as well as being aesthetically pleasing. I'm sucker for reading lists - I always want to know what others are reading! - and this is a particularly nice one.
  2. Grace is my beauty guru. Her blog That Grace Girl is effortlessly chic and inspiring, and her writing style is incredible. She's hugely inspirational to me and consequently I devour her every post asap after they are published. Her post 11 Beauty Products Every 20-Something Should Own is probably my favourite post in the beauty blogosphere for a good while. It's on-point, not at all preachy, and has basically made me add 11 new items onto my wishlist (not ideal for the wallet, but I digress).
  3. Mariell shared the contents of her fridge with us earlier this week: in my fridge. and I absolutely love it. I am nosy by nature, and adore seeing the bits and bobs from other people's houses/lives that aren't normally shared online.
  4. Donald Trump Says 'China'. Need I say more? The people over at Huffington Post has made a video compilation of Trump saying 'China' an astounding 234 times. All serious politics and agendas aside, if nothing else it is at least an entertaining watch.

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  1. Oh girl, my addiction to blogs is not ideal for my wallet either. The things we do to ourselves, eh? :P Great list by the way! The That Grace Girl post is amazing, right? Let's be honest though, all of her posts are amazing.

    Kiara xx //


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