Sunday, 30 August 2015


  1. Bank Holiday weekend calls for some tasty snacks. This weekend I've had homemade pizza (courtesy of the boyf) and also made Millionaire Shortbread based on hjartesmil's recipe. So ridiculously easy to make and delicious! (Yes, I made these the same day she posted the recipe, not even going to lie!)
  2. Rachel of Currently Rachel wrote an important reminder about the amazing functions of the female body and the ridiculous 'hygiene' standards we are subject to. In Can We Please Talk Openly About Vaginal Hygiene? she pointedly challenges the problematique of addressing the female sexual organ using 'nicey-nice pseudonyms like 'hoo ha', 'lala', and 'sensitive skin'.' The perpetrator in question, Femfresh, a brand selling products designed for vaginal use, has recently sponsored several beauty bloggers to recommend their (arguably) unnecessary products. I think Rachel's post is interesting in numerous aspects, as it tackles both the notion that vaginal soaps are essential for a woman's hygiene and the cringey, childlike tendency to create pseudonyms for something as natural as the vagina.
  3. As if growing up and into adulthood isn't hard enough on its own, there is often a tendency in other adults to 'warn' you of the harshness of becoming an adult. Katie of Scarphelia addresses this in her post 'Don't Grow Up, It's a Trap', writing cleverly about the falseness of this phrase and how awesome it actually is to grow up.
  4. Lastly, Nothing, except that everything will be fine. by Lovisa Ranta and 'här. nu.' (here. now) by Jennifer Stroud; just two posts simply yet profoundly portraying love and relationships in few words. Because we all need some love in our lives.

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